Making the most of your Entertainment Membership during COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation is having an effect on many of our partners, however, there are still a great deal of opportunities to support them and get continued value and savings from your Entertainment Membership.

We continue to support our retail merchants through great savings on our gift cards that can currently be redeemed online or kept for when we can go back to the shops. We have added many new gift card offers in the recent weeks, so keep checking back as our gift card offers are continuing to grow!

Many of our merchants are now offering takeaway and honouring the offers within the Entertainment membership! You can view your region on our Takeaway list so it makes it easier for you to order straightaway! We are also working with our merchants and partners to create and support home delivery services so you can access your favourite meals and local services during this time.

We are committed to supporting over 10,000 businesses who promote over 20,000 offers across ANZ in support of our 16,000 not-for-profit fundraisers and will continue to find new opportunities and offers to enrich the value in every Entertainment Membership.