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MND New Zealand

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Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is the name of a group of diseases that cause the death of the nerve cells (neurones) that control some muscles. With no nerves to activate them, these muscles gradually weaken and waste away. This causes progressive loss of mobility in the limbs, and difficulties with speech, swallowing and breathing. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of motor neurone disease (MND) in the world; two people are diagnosed with MND each week. MND New Zealand works with people living with motor neurone disease to enable them to have the best quality of life possible. They help people with MND access the full range of medical expertise and equipment they need, and provide practical and emotional support. They educate and provide up-to-date information for people with MND and their whanau as well as the health professionals working with them.”

Contact Kate Dalders
Phone Number 0272069606
Address MND New Zealand / Yarnton House 14 Erson Avenue Royal Oak, Auckland 1061